Allen Family Seed Grant Program in Cellular Manufacturing


Dr. J. David Allen and Family have announced a $1 million gift, disbursed over a 10 year period, to the Georgia Research Alliance to advance research and development related to cellular manufacturing at Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and the University of Georgia. This gift will create a unique partnership that will accelerate collaboration, stimulate innovation, and help establish Georgia as a leader in cellular manufacturing.

This funding mechanism is intended to stimulate new, collaborative research with a focus in cellular manufacturing among Emory University, Georgia Tech, and UGA investigators. The seed grant team must have investigators from each institution and must have equal partnerships with budgets split between the universities as equally as possible.

This funding mechanism may support collaborative projects at earlier stages of development in the “high risk, high yield” category or projects with a high potential for clinical or industry translation. Applying for this grant does not prohibit you from applying for the Regenerative Engineering and Medicine Center Seed Grant as well. Budgets for the Allen Family proposals may not exceed $90,000. One grant is expected to be awarded this year.

Deadline: The deadline for submission of proposals is July 21, 2017. Awards will be announced in mid-August.


  • All faculty members with primary appointments at Emory University, Georgia Institute of Technology, and University of Georgia are eligible to apply.
  • Proposals from those addressing new questions or taking new approaches are encouraged.
  • Teams must consist of Emory, Georgia Tech, and UGA investigators (all 3 institutions must be represented).

Additional Details

  • The funding timeline for this award will be outlined in the official award letter.
  • Funds may be used for Ph.D. student/postdoc support, animal studies, research materials and supplies, and limited travel as related to the conduct of the research. No faculty salary should be charged to this grant.
  • Dr. J. David Allen and Family should be recognized in any grant or publication acknowledgements.
  • The application must include a description of how each investigator will contribute to the overall goals of the project.
  • Failure to submit a timely progress report by Monday, April 2, 2018 will result in ineligibility for future award opportunities from this seed grant program.

For students supported on these funds, tuition and fringe benefits must be included. Overhead charges should not be included on this grant


  • Scoring will be based on standard NIH criteria with an emphasis on potential industrial/clinical translation.

Submission & Questions

Technical questions regarding the program can be addressed by Michelle Wong. The proposal should be submitted as a PDF as one complete document.

Submit Proposals Here