The Regenerative Engineering and Medicine (REM) research center is a joint collaboration between Emory University and Georgia Tech. 

REM is specifically focused on endogenous repair or how the body can harness its own potential to heal or regenerate. Bone, muscle, nerves, heart, blood vessels, and other tissues each have a baseline ability to regenerate. REM investigators ask what can be done when trauma or disease in humans overwhelms the ability of tissues or organs to regenerate on their own.


The integration of engineering technologies, biological discoveries, and clinical expertise and infrastructure will establish Georgia as a national leader in regenerative clinical therapies.


To fundamentally transform the treatment of human diseases and injuries through the development and translation of new technologies that enhance the body’s ability to heal itself.

Open to GT, Emory and UGA faculty and trainees.
July 2014
A new separation process that depends on an easily-distinguished physical difference in adhesive forces among cells could help expand production of stem cells generated through cell reprogramming
April 2013
Peter Zandstra, PhD, University of Toronto presents, "Two Examples of Engineering Cell Fate: Blood Stem Cell Therapy and Cardiac Drug Screening"
February 2013